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This podcast series began during a Media Arts Residency at the Western Front from April 2017-Oct 2017. I produce, host, write, edit, record and do graphic and sound design for Here nor There.

When I first began the series, I knew that I wanted to maximize the potential of all the resources presented to me during my residency, and I knew I wanted to work with as many people as possible. The vehicle of conversation and collaboration made sense, and its form was a podcast series. Adjacent to the episodes is a sound-based event series entitled Slow-Wave, which has thus far taken place in the Western Front’s Grand Luxe Hall.

Poster for 1st season launch of Here Nor There podcast and pt.1 of Slow Wave event series.

The collection of interviews, hangouts, mixes, concerts, plays and sonic artworks are a part of an artistic project that largely attempts to embody one of my understandings of the act of listening, and I have asked my guests to reflect on this same thing, using their creative practices as pivot point for what we were going to make together. This project is additionally a response to a city that continually attempts to evaporate any form of positive deviancy, hijinx or solidarity through a variety of bureaucratic strategies— especially through the rapid decline of physical space to have our studios in, gather in, meet, organize, play, eat, sleep, live in.

None of us are experts on the show, nor do we claim to be experts on any of the content you might be so inclined to listen to, we are all speaking from our own particular subjectivities, from our very own creative understandings, as artists, musicians, curators, writers, organizers, friends.

This is not journalism in the sense that many informative and interesting podcasts out there are, it is an index of a time spent with others and also a chance to share this intimate, aural space through a contemporary channel of broadcasting, dissemination and non-material, media based self-publishing in hopes of sharing the knowledge, support and insight that were made accessible to me.

A very special thanks to Allison Collins, the Western Front Media Program curator, who invited me to do this long-term residency and whose mentorship has been indescribably invaluable this past year. Many thanks to Ben Wilson and Lief Hall, whose technical support, prowess and knowledge made it all happen. More thank you’s to the rest of the Western Front staff for having me around, sharing staff lunch and your senses of humour. Thank you to all my guests and collaborators for trusting me with your voices. Thank you Eli Zibin for this website.

Funded with the support of the British Columbia Council of the Arts Early Career Development Grant.